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The Blue Line Resume

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Oh, the Blue Line Resume. We still talk about it sometimes.

Back in 2015, K to Z Careers co-founder Zachary Bell found himself in need of a career transition. Faced with financial stress, Zachary needed a job that offered steady pay and healthcare benefits. He enlisted a local resume writer to help him get ready to start applying.

Here’s what he got:

There’s nothing “wrong” with this resume. There are no grammatical or spelling errors, the font is easy to read, and it lists Zachary’s employment history, skills, education, and awards. If you read carefully, you’ll find that Zachary appears to be a diligent and hardworking individual.

But what if you didn’t really read this document, and instead only looked at it for a few seconds? Studies show that hiring managers generally look at resumes for a whopping six seconds. Six seconds! In six seconds, what would you remember about Zachary from this document?

My guess is next to nothing, apart from the bright blue line cutting across the top of the page.

The Blue Line Resume looks like 90% of the other resumes in the pile. Lots of meaningless jargon, lots of overused adjectives, and predictable categories of information.

The lack of style and visual interest in this resume is compounded by Zachary’s non-traditional background. He worked as an independent contractor and business owner at a very young age. He started a traditional college degree but was forced to take a break and didn’t finish until a few years later. He has a massage therapy certification and coursework in acupuncture. His degree is in liberal arts, but his professional experience is in sales, account management, and technology.

When you try to lay Zachary’s unique story into a standard resume template, the result is a bland, boring product and an individual who doesn’t make sense. Which brings me to the real point of this article:

Resume templates don't work. Your resume needs to tell your story.

Forcing your unique employment story into a generic resume design results in a document that lacks authenticity and cohesion. The goal of your resume isn’t to create a laundry list of stuff that you’re “supposed” to have. The goal of your resume is to show your future employer who you are as a worker. It’s a marketing document.

That’s why each resume, cover letter, networking profile, or sales support material you get from K to Z Careers is built from scratch and crafted just for you. No templates; no one-size fits all.

This is Zachary’s resume today:

So if you need help telling your story, that’s where we come in. We host a discovery session with each client, not just to capture the details and responsibilities within your work history, but to find out who you are and where you want to go. What are your goals? What industry do you want to work in? What makes you unique? What do you believe about yourself? We tease out the answers to these questions and more in order to build you a custom resume to help you achieve your goals.

Be our next success story – call 484-509-0370 or email ktozcareers@gmail.com to get started today.

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